About Us


Our offices opened here in New Zealand more than 30 years ago and whilst Mongoose is known for vehicle security systems, Mongoose NZ Ltd has steadily increased and adapted its product range without losing focusing on the highest level of performance and fantastic value. Mongoose Automotive Technologies has for some time now been looking for an additional product range that could both complement our existing range, as well as meet the needs of the ever changing motor industry. In late 2019 we concluded our negations with Qrontech Co., Ltd., from Korea to become the new sole distributor of the 'LUKAS' & 'QVIA' range of Dashcams, DVRS and accessories for both Australia and New Zealand.
At Qrontech Co., Ltd., they are committed to providing the best quality products and customer service to their customers. With these top priorities, they have been relentlessly working on manufacturing high-end dash cameras with their industry professionals and researchers.
Since the establishment in 2006, Qrontech has been engaged in the IT business, developing various IT products and carrying out engineering projects. In 2009, Qrontech entered into the Dash Camera Industry, and have brought the 'LUKAS' & 'QVIA' to market. Today, Qrontech, as the front-runner in the Dash Camera Industry, continues to focus on developing a diverse series of high - end dash cameras that are designed to fit all different driver styles and needs around the world.
With all of the above being said Mongoose New Zealand Limited is excited to be the Sole Agent and Distributor of such a great range of product that we are sure will meet all your requirements.